Correct Posture and Health

We live in an extremely exciting yet extremely confusing time. Technology has given us much that has made our lives more comfortable and convenient. From better, faster and more comfortable transportation to the luxury of reclining chairs and comfy couches at workplaces, our lives have become a series of resting points where we no longer know how to relate to gravity. Our bodies have learnt to fall into furniture and cushions and, as a result, have become weak and unable to support our spines. We suffer from all kinds of postural problems that not only affect the body but also affect the mind.  This awesome infographic describes the pitfalls of poor posture as well as how to correct posture and experience good health.


posture fitness infographic

Posture is about more than just sitting straight or standing tall, it is about how the body related to gravity. It is about efficiency and understanding the bodies anatomy. Our bodies were designed to walk, run and move in certain ways that would naturally maximise health and longevity and minimise illness. So, start paying attention to the way you move and you will notice that if you maintain good posture you will naturally feel better as well as more confident.